Hey, I am Cherif.

I am a novice but passionate road cyclist and sailor, hence the name of this blog. I am a voractious eater and frequent more restaurants than I care to admit. When I grow up I hope to earn the right to call myself a successful entrepreneur.

I am currently CEO at EMcision, a medical device company founded by my uncle Prof Nagy Habib, a world-renown surgeon and inventor. I also more recently started FreshMint, a wholesome meal delivery service. These two companies seem very different at the outset but share the same mission of improving quality of life.

Previously, I Co-Founded two other startups: Kembrel, an e-commerce company and Cesium, Canada’s leading mobile telecom distributor. In between these gigs, I spent three years at McKinsey as a management consultant.

On the education front, I have an undergrad in Computer Science, a Master’s of Law and an MBA from Wharton.